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Mission & Goals

Program Mission Statement

The Mississippi State Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program will train psychiatry residents to be knowledgeable, skillful, and professional in the art and science of psychiatry. Training will be provided in supportive, collegial atmosphere by teaching attendings who have years of experience in their respective fields. After completion of the Mississippi State Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program, the newly-trained physicians will be competent and compassionate psychiatrists.  

Program Goals

  • To provide excellent psychiatric training which prepares residents to serve as competent, board-certified psychiatrists;
  • To provide an open and collaborative learning environment;
  • To expose residents to common clinical presentations and rare, complex cases;
  • To train residents to practice in a team-based model to provide compassionate, comprehensive patient care;
  • To promote life-long learning habits;
  • To foster a commitment to mental health advocacy, especially for the underserved and the rural patient populations;
  • To promote cultural competence and a holistic approach to mental healthcare;
  • To develop the residents’ life skills to become well-rounded professionals in the larger community.