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A Message from our Program Director

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Mississippi State Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program.  Our Dr. Jacksonfour-year program is dedicated to excellence above mere competence.  Located on the beautiful 350-acre campus at Whitfield, MS, Mississippi State Hospital has a rich and storied history of providing quality and empathically driven care to the most seriously mentally ill patients in the state.  Our dedication to Mississippi and serving its population is unwavering.  We now plan to expand that rich history to include becoming the fertile crescent of psychiatry residency education.  With an impressive array of pathology and academic opportunities, we plan to prepare you for all clinical scenarios.

While our focus is on community based psychiatric care, we offer opportunities in advocacy, organized medicine, non-compensated mental health and medical activities of social significance, administration, and scholarly publication to name but a few.  Our prized faculty demonstrate proficiency in clinical contributions, teaching, professionalism, and represent over 450 years of medical experience.  Our program believes the primary service is to you, the resident physician.  The program strives to ensure that each experience is one of high educational value.  We do not depend or rely upon the resident workforce to cover the clinical needs of our patients.  As such, your individual educational experience is placed front and center.  At Mississippi State Hospital, you are more than just a resident, you are a member of our team.  Thanks for your interest, and please contact me with any questions.

Jon C. Jackson, MD
Program Director